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Disa and Tommy run a small scale farm in the middle of Skåne, Sweden. They have been growing vegetables in the same piece of land for 25 years.

“Rävarna i Råby” is a portrait of Disa and Tommy, about their organic vision and how they handle the situation that they are in, now that they will lose the land.


(Svenska) Energi ändrar bara form


Latest Screening

Latest Screening took place at Skurupsfestivalen! We had a really good time, thanks!


We will screen Rävarna i Råby at Skurupsfestivalen in Skurup the 1st of June. After the screening there will be discussions with Max and Karin.

Save the organic field!

A camp was arranged…
As a response to what is happening, Mykorrhiza arranged a small camp à la Reclaim the Fields at Disa’s and Tommy’s farm in the first weekend of September. We met to show our support and solidarity for Disa and Tommy and the marvellous job they have done over the years. We did a manifestation for organic agriculture and biodiversity, and spread the word that their organic agriculture is threatened to become a conventional one.

Now we’ve got 6 months until the lease run out, read more here about how we continue the work!

Otherwise you can watch what Sydnytt said about the camp, or sign our beautiful petition!

Mykorrhiza arranges action camp

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Troubles with e-mail address

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Camp in Råby!

We are planning a camp in Råby! Mykorrhiza will hold a camp during the first weekend of September, in order to show our solidarity to Disa and Tommy, and to spread the word about their situation!

Everybody is welcome!

When: 31st of August 4 pm – 2nd of September 4 pm

Where: Råby 2071 nearby Hörby

Read more here!

Off To Urkult!

Thank you Backafestivalen and the wonderful people we met there! We will upload some pictures of our screenings in a short while!

Up next, Urkult! Friday the 3rd of August at 4 pm at Markusgården Rävarna i Råby will be screened! And that’s not all,
a camp to be held in Råby in the beginning of September is starting to take form. More information will be up soon!

Screening at Backafestivalen

At Friday the 13:th of July at 7 pm we will screen Rävarna i Råby at Backafestivalen! Disa and Tommy will be there to answer your questions, and you will be able to meet one or two of the producers of the film. Read more at, see you there!

The film is up and open!

Wow! After a fantastic premiere the film has made its way to the homepage. Click the Movie -button and you’ll get right to it. Right now it’s only subtitled in Swedish, but any moment an English version will be up!

Thanks everybody for yesterdays’ wonderful evening! Today Rävarna i Råby was screened at Mossagårdsfestivalen, where we’ll screen it again this Sunday at 1 pm, and Disa will be there too!